JReport has been rebranded as Logi Report since v17. Click here for What’s New in Logi Report 17.

What’s New in JReport 16.1?

More Robust Distribution and Deployment

Robust report distribution has been enhanced with dynamic email titles and advanced bursting and scheduling criteria. Administrators are now able to fully control space usage for all personal folders.

More Robust Distribution and Deployment

Reporting User Experience Has Been Improved for Both Developers and End Users

Developers and end users can now easily deploy or download reports as many times as they need while connecting to the server only once. They can also quickly search properties or preferences in JReport Server. Report templates can be automatically updated along with their metadata element name and property changes. Styles and formatting can be applied to specific areas or sections, such as individual elements of combo charts and cells of crosstabs.

Reporting User Experience Has Been Improved for Both Developers and End Users

Performance Improvement and Other Enhancements

New enhancements include OpenJDK 12 and 13 and Oracle JDK 12 support, optimized JavaScript loading performance and support for a large number of parameter records. Linked reports now have dynamic parameters, and user-defined objects have been added for enhanced barcode, QR Code support, and rotated text.

Performance Improvement and Other Enhancements

What’s New in JReport 16?

Empower Your Applications

Greatly enhanced embedded capabilities. Extended JavaScript API adds more power to applications, including configuring security, managing resources, scheduling and on-demand runs.

JavaScript API Enhancements for Deep Integration

Extreme Export

Export reports and dashboards with a great level of format control. Now you can expect your PDF export to look exactly the way you wanted. All JReport components can be exported with high precision, including Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, web controls and more… all in pixel-perfect quality.

Export Engine Enhancements

Dynamic Web Controls

Advanced interactions via dynamically configurable in-report web controls such as drop-downs, checkboxes, lists for filtering, Go To, and other actions.

More Web Controls

Improved UI and UX

UI and UX continue to be enhanced with better visualizations, built-in style optimizations, configurable dashboard synchronizations, and more.

Improved UI and UX

What’s New in JReport 15.6?

Web Report Enhancements

  • New Web Controls: Text Field, Password, Text Area, Checkbox, Radio Button, Image Button, Button, Drop-down, List
  • Page breaks in Web Reports
Web Report Enhancements

Deep Customization via JavaScript APIs

  • Get resources (catalogs, reports, parameters, etc.)
  • Advanced Run options
  • Schedule creation
  • User Preference settings
Deep Customization via JavaScript APIs

JReport Designer Enhancements

  • High resolution support (4K displays)
  • MacOS support
JReport Designer Enhancements

What’s New in JReport 15.5?

Banded Objects for Web Reports

Banded object support added for easily designing complex reports with sophisticated layouts. Banded objects can be nested and contain any component type with absolute layouts for precise design.

Banded Objects for Web Reports

New JReport UI

Users and administrators now share a unified UI to access and manage content depending on authorization.

New JReport UI

Smart Query

Smart query processing automatically detects star schemas and splits a large query into multiple small queries that greatly improve performance.

Smart Query

Snowflake and
Native MongoDB

Supports Elasticsearch and Snowflake data sources. Fast native query access for MongoDB.

Native MongoDB and Elasticsearch

Asynchronous Rendering

Improved crosstab performance with asynchronous rendering enables off-screen areas to continue being processed in the background.

Asynchronous Rendering

Enhanced JavaScript

More embeddable modules available for JavaScript and RESTful APIs.

Enhanced JavaScript

Quick Scheduling

A simplified scheduler is added to the report and visualization UI for easy, convenient scheduling.

Quick Scheduling

New Gauge Styles

Gauge chart enhancements with more customizable styles and configurations.

New Gauge Styles

What’s New in JReport 15?

JReport 15 is focused on improving the developer experience and productivity. With a new user interface, JReport Designer streamlines workflows in setting up data source connections, creating visualizations and fine tuning visualization properties. Creation of KPIs and dashboards with animated, synchronized visualizations are also simplified with an intuitive drag and drop process.

New JReport Designer

JReport Designer features a new user interface that expands Quick Start, making it more intuitive for developers to connect to data sources, configure data models, and create reports and visualizations. Built-in templates are now extendable and customizable to work with any new data source. Contextual hints assist developer workflows. Visualization properties are easily adjustable through a searchable inspector. The collection of new enhancements results in a much-improved user experience.

New JReport Designer

Quick KPI Maker

You can now create ad hoc KPI widgets by using templates and picking measures for automatic computations. KPI’s based on predefined functions are properly displayed in any desired numeric format. Optional trend charts and one-click styling can be applied to further enhance the KPI visualization.

Quick KPI Maker

Dashboard with New KPI
and Enhanced Visualizations

Creating highly expressive dashboards has never been easier. KPIs and new animated visualizations can be quickly mashed up to form a dashboard. Add data synchronization rules and your drilling actions will always result in consistent and responsive views across the dashboard.

Dashboard with New KPI and Enhanced Visualizations

What’s New in JReport 14.5?

JReport 14.5 is an exciting release that streamlines the data visualization experience. This newest release is full of usability and functionality enhancements geared for empowering developers and business users in the quick creation and embedding of reports and dashboards.

Dashboards and Visualization Anywhere

With responsive JReport, business users on the go can work with dashboards, reports and charts on any device anywhere, from PC to mobile. The same design of your visualization will automatically scale and fold as needed, no programming is required. Information presented will always be legible and the layout will perfectly adapt to best utilize the available display screen. With JReport embedded analytics, your application will naturally be tablet and smart phone optimized.

Dashboard Example

Compound Crosstabs

Crosstabs are frequently used to analyze aggregate information in the row versus column fashion, optionally with hierarchical structure. However, the business world sometimes requires analyses beyond this basic format. JReport now supports a unique compound crosstab that allows users to put multiple, compound crosstabs together in a very flexible structure. Every group of columns and rows can have its own summaries. This makes far more sophisticated crosstab analysis possible.

Compound Crosstabs Reports

Dashboard Synchronization

It is important for different parts of a visualization to be fully consistent. If you drill down, filter or sort on any data, you’ll want this to be reflected in all or a certain set of components on the same dashboard. JReport now lets you easily specify the synchronization settings across components with just a few clicks.

Dashboard Synchronization

Integration and Performance

When viewing a large report that takes a long time to run, JReport can pipeline the result set so that the first few pages are available while the rest are being processed in the background. Any partial summary will be flagged and automatically refreshed while remaining data comes in until the report is completed.

report pipeline

What’s New in JReport 14.5 Update 1




TLS Support for SMTP email servers.


Show or suppress the empty space where the object is not exported for Excel, PDF, etc.


Use URL to create Web Reports via Quick Start.


Show categorized values based on Category and Show Value on chart legend.


Support different SSL certificates for multiple server domains.

What’s New in JReport 14?

JReport 14 is an exciting release that streamlines the data visualization experience. This newest release is full of usability and functionality enhancements geared for empowering developers and business users in the quick creation and embedding of reports and dashboards.

Quick Start

Create visualizations and tables without a multi-step wizard. One click to convert from table to crosstab or any type of charts. Turn on Partial Data for quick results from large data sets. Once you are happy with the design, save and reuse it to create dashboards.

Enhanced Visualization

Rich chart types including the new back-to-back bench chart are highly customizable with flexible positioning, labeling and formatting. Intelligent drilling and navigation preserve filters and axis. Data visualizations have never been so expressive.

Integration and Customization

Embedding functionality gets a boost with enhanced APIs for UI customization, single sign-on, external controls, navigation, report auditing, national languages, and more.

Customize and White Label Dashboard Reports

Mobile Viewer

Precision-built reports can now be deployed onto mobile tablet platforms to support the expanded distribution of your visualizations.

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